Laptop Setup

Laptop Setup Checklist

Items are listed in order of importance. Detailed instructions are below.

  1. Can the laptop get online using either ethernet or one of the wireless networks?
  2. Are the appropriate applications installed?
  3. Is there a shortcut to the college file server?
  4. Are the VolPrint printers installed?


Net Registration

NOTES: Register both wireless and ethernet for UTK network access. Registration should begin automatically when you launch your web browser. If not, go to Note that for wireless registration, you first need to select either ut-open or eduroam from the list of available wireless networks.

Once on the netreg web site:

  1. Login with netID and password.
  2. Click the link on to Register Your Computer
  3. Follow prompts (Use netID for HostName if required.)
  4.  Restart computer when finished.


Installation of Applications

Install the applications required for your program of study. Not all programs listed below are needed by all students.

Microsoft Office Pro Plus is available as a free student download.

Adobe Creative Cloud Provided by OIT

Rhino: Rhino must be ordered through VolTech in order to receive substantially discounted pricing.

AutoCAD is available as a free student download.

Revit is available as a free student download.

ArcGIS is available as a free UTK student download.


College File Server

NOTES: You must be on the campus network when making the initial server connection. Do not copy/paste the server address below. Type it in manually.


  1. Right-click on the desktop and select New / Shortcut
  2. In the Create Shortcut dialogue, enter
    “2 backslashes” then and click Next, then Finish.
  3. Double-click the new shortcut and login as follows:
    username = utk\your netID
    Password = your netID password

Mac OS:

  1. From the Finder menu select Preferences . . .
  2. Make sure the option to Show Connected Servers is selected.
  3. From to Go menu select Connect to Server, and type:
  4. Click Connect and login as follows:
    username = your netID
    Password = your netID password
  5. Select the volumes Academics, DPC Prints, and any other desired shares. Create shortcuts to any shares by dragging their icons from the Desktop to the Dock.


Digital Printing

See the linkInstructions for Use of Small Format Self-Service Printers” for instructions on installing the VolPrint printers on your laptop.