Concentrations Master of Architecture

Students in our Master of Architecture program can specialize in any of four concentration areas.

When you specialize, you are able to focus on an area you find most promising. This gives you the chance to dive deep into a topic.

Four Ways to Specialize:

There are no required courses for the graduate concentrations. Instead, we offer suggested courses (not limited to the College of Architecture and Design) that are pre-approved for you.

You will complete a statement of intent and seek advice and approval for the courses you choose. You’ll need to complete a minimum of 12 graduate credit hours for a concentration.

Twice yearly, you will review your course work and progress with the director of graduate architecture, and in your final semester, you’ll meet with the director to finalize the fulfillment of required credits for your concentration(s).


Why should I specialize?

  • Skill: Learn new techniques and methodologies specific to an area of expertise that can be directly applied to your practice upon completion of the certificate.
  • Interdisciplinary Knowledge: Learn about developments in the discipline and profession specific to an area of expertise, to place techniques and methodologies into a larger context relative to national and international market trends.
  • Intra-disciplinary Knowledge: Learn about developments in the discipline and profession specific to an area of expertise as indexed across a range of related disciplines and professions.
  • Differentiate Graduates of the Master of Architecture Program: Concentrations do not exist for the undergraduate Bachelor of Architecture program in our college, so concentrations are an important device to assist our graduates to more positively differentiate themselves from their colleagues with an undergraduate professional degree.