High Performance Buildings

The High Performance Buildings concentration in the Master of Architecture program incorporates knowledge from a wide range of disciplines that share a common base within our college and other UT colleges and institutes.

The methodology is based on an integrated design process in which design, research and technology are reinforced with disciplines such as building design, product development, materials science, building physics, climatic design, structural design, computation and modeling, and production techniques. In addition, individual methods from these and other perspectives are also encouraged.

The High Performance Buildings concentration may address issues of the innovative and sustainable design of buildings, building components and (sub) systems of buildings, and on how these relate to each other and to architecture as an integrated complex system.

The High Performance Buildings Concentration offers opportunities for topical study such as

  • Advanced Skills in Design with Technology
  • Facade Design and High-Performance Building Envelopes
  • Innovative uses of Traditional materials, both massive and lightweight
  • Building Performance Design, Development, and Evaluation (energy, structural, mechanic, construction, etc.
  • Digital Modeling and Digital Manufacturing
  • Smart Structures and Lightweight Structures
  • New Materials and environmental performance criteria
  • Design with climate: daylight, solar, water harvesting, passive cooling

Course Requirements


One of the following:

ARCH 586     Adv Arch Des: Sustainable Arch (Bldg Tech approved option) (6)

ARCH 588     Adv Arch Des: Structural Innovations (6)

ARCH 590     Adv Arch Des: Special Topics (Bldg Tech approved option) (6)

ARCH 599     Design VII: Diploma Thematic Studio (Bldg Tech approved option) (6)


plus 6 credits from the following list:

ARCH 508     Preservation Technology (3)

ARCH 509     Seminar in Design Integration (3)

ARCH 525     Special Topics in Architecture (1-3)

Courses in approved building technology topics.


LAR 513     Strategies and Case Studies in Landscape Stewardship and Restoration Ecology (3)

LAR 531     Advanced Landscape Construction (3)

LAR 541    Landscape/Site Design 1 (3)


Of the six elective credit hours, up to 3 credits may be from:

ARCH 526     Directed Readings in Architecture (3)

ARCH 593     Independent Study (1-9)