We offer a variety of minors, many open to any student at UT.  Take a look and talk to your advisor!

Architectural Studies

The Architectural Studies minor was created specifically for Interior Architecture students who would like to gain a better understanding of architecture. Students will gain experience in understanding architectural issues related to topics such as history and theory, building and construction, contemporary practices and other related issues.

Interior Architectural Studies

The Interior Architectural Studies minor is intended to promote interdisciplinary involvement for students, specifically in the School of Architecture. Students interested in this minor will gain basic knowledge in interior architecture with exposure to aesthetics, technology, professional practices and history.

Design Studies

The Design Studies minor was created for students outside of our college, in any program. Taking classes in our college exposes students to design thinking and visualization at the heart of architecture and design. By completing this minor, students will gain a greater understanding of a range of topics related to design and the built environment. To enroll in the minor, students should complete the Design Studies Minor declaration form.

Graphic Design Studies

The Graphic Design Studies minor started in fall 2021. In the interdisciplinary minor, students will learn concepts and modes of visual communication without the intensive studio. The Graphic Design Studies minor will enhance students’ major fields of study with an understanding of graphic design. It is open to undergraduate students at UT who have a declared major outside of the School of Design. To declare the minor, visit the Graphic Design Studies minor page linked above.