3dPrinterOS Cloud Based

In summer 2020 CoAD 3d printing implemented cloud based access using 3dPrinterOS. What started with a need for contactless access during a pandemic has evolved into the most accessible format to facilitate 3d printing.

In previous semester users were required to install software on their computers to be able to 3d print. Set up, maintaining updates and ensuring all users used correct settings was a hassle.

3dPrinterOS is much more than simply a slicing software, it is complete 3d printer management.
Previous workflow required, slicing (possibly with incorrect settings), save to removable media, relocating to the printers location, hopefully finding an available printer, starting a print, leaving and then returning with the expectation of a completed print.
What was common, slicer not set-up correctly, all printers were busy, another individual cancelled your print and/or took your SD card or simply your print just did not complete. This wasted time, materials and caused damage to these devices.

All of these issues have been addressed and for the most part resolved. Now users will upload the model to the cloud and slice using reconfigured settings (some optimization/customization remains). All printers now operate on an individual que, see which will be first available and digitally add your sliced model to that printer.
Your print will be started by staff and you will receive a notification when your print has been completed. At any time you can go look in on your print using the attached printer video feed (through 3dPrinterOS web page).

Where to get started!!

Changes to 3d printing at the CoAD-Video

3dPrinterOS- First Run/Initial set-up-Video

3dPrinterOS- Basic use- Coming soon
PDF Tutorial-3DPrinterOS Guildines.