Digital Fabrication Services @ the UT Fab Lab

Digital Fabrication Services @ the UT Fab Lab, located at 525 North Gay Street in Knoxville, is a design resource available to academic and professional designers across the region.


What is Digital Fabrication Services @ the UT Fab Lab?

  • DFS is a design resource, a partner for designers in the profession or who serve in an academic position
  • Digital Fabrication Services offers production of prototypes and idea generation, leveraging the sophisticated digital and analog resources in the college’s Fab Lab and the expertise of the Fab Lab staff
  • As a prototyping resource, Digital Fabrication Services specializes in limited quantities and individual objects


How can Digital Fabrication Services help me?

  • Digital Fabrication Services helps individuals in the region create physical items needed for demonstrations, projects, presentations and more.
  • Designers’ prototypes are fabricated by Fab Lab staff using CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping (3D printing), CNC routing, CNC milling or abrasive waterjet cutting.
  • Objects can be made from almost any substrate, including wood and wood products; metals; polymers; and stone.


How do I access Digital Fabrication Services? How much does it cost?

  • To start the process, complete this form. A Fab Lab staff member will contact you.
  • Rates for use of the services vary depending on the technology utilized and other factors, and funds collected through Digital Fabrication Services are used to enhance curriculum and technology for students in the college. Check the most recent rate sheet for more information. 
  • Digital Fabrication Services is operational year round. Availability fluctuates according to the level of use of the Fab Lab’s technology by students and faculty at the College of Architecture and Design.
  • Digital Fabrication Services is located in the college’s Fab Lab, 525 North Gay Street.


Why is this needed?

  • Often, design professionals experience great difficulty finding a resource to prototype designs, which is essential to the design process.
  • This is the first resource of its kind located in Knoxville and serving the region.


How do I get more information?

  • To request more information, complete this form.  A Fab Lab staff member will contact you.
  • Digital Fabrication Services is located in the college’s Fab Lab, 525 North Gay Street.
The front of the Fab Lab building at night.