Online Scheduling Bookkit

At this point Bookkit is not operational, please directly email Jeremy Hammond for A+A woodshop appointments and Nick Stawinski for UT Fab Lab Appointments.
We hope this issue will be resolved in the next week and bookkit will then be operational!

Fall 2020 has bought about some temporary changes to the way you will access the fabrication facilities within the College of Architecture and Design.
These changes were implemented so that we can still provide a safe and effective working environment during this current health crisis.

CoAD and SoA members both Workshops are running with shop user limits, at any point no more than this number of users will be present within the lab.
To make this possible and also to provide contact tracing, all usage will need to be scheduled.
No appointment no access, if the shop is not in use and you are looking to enter, stand outside the doors and create an appointment.
To make scheduling possible we will be using an online reservation system called ‘Bookkit’

This software will allow all CoAD and SoA students, faculty and staff to create and mange their own bookings.
Any person entering the lab will need a separate, individual booking! Faculty entering to assist a student, create a booking, students entering to work together, create a booking,
Pretty straightforward and there should be no confusion! If your name is not on a booking at that time then you cannot enter!

Video Tutorial- Bookkit first time use (coming soon)
PDF Tutorial- Using Bookkit (coming soon)

Contact: Craig Gillam, Fabrication Supervisor,, 865-974-3954.