Wood Shops Two shops. Unlimited possibilities.

We offer two wood fabrication studios (wood shops), one in the Art + Architecture Building, our main hub, and one in the Fab Lab, our downtown maker space at 525 North Gay Street. Here, you can use a variety of stationary, hand and power tools to experiment with design and materials, fabricate models, build furniture and more.

The shop in the A+A is about 3,600 square feet and is equipped with three Universal Co2 laser cutters, a Thermwood 3-axis CNC router, a European horizontal panel saw, helix planer and more available to all students. In the Fab Lab, you have access to CNC routers, electric and pneumatic power tools, a Leigh dovetail jig and much more.

From these incredible resources, you learn skills you can’t learn anywhere else, which prepares you for your career and supports your design passion.


Students and Faculty

Eager to work in the Fab Lab or one of our wood shops?  Check out the hours of operation, policies and more.