Denmark Udforske! Explore!

Spend a semester or summer in Copenhagen, Denmark, to discover another culture and enrich your design knowledge.

Build your course of study in architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture and more as you experience the Danish lifestyle day by day and explore your passions minute by minute.


Danish Institute Study Abroad/Denmark International Studio (DIS)

  • Location: DIS Institute Study Abroad Center (DIS), Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Term: Fall (August-December) or Spring (January-May) or Summer (June-August)
  • Language:  Taught in English
  • Who:  Architecture students
  • When: Usually after your third year
  • Credits: 12-15 credits (includes a studio and meets B.Arch off-campus requirement)
  • Updated course, cost, accommodation and other details
  • Details: Contact our Center for Student Development at 865-974-5265 or the UT Programs Abroad Office at 865-974-3177.