Finland Löytää! Discover!

We are pleased to provide two programs in Finland:

  • Finland Summer Architecture Institute (Architecture)
  • Metropolia University (Interior Architecture)


Finland Summer Architecture Institute

  • Location: Domus Academy, Helsinki, Finland
  • Length: Summer (May-August)
  • Who: Architecture students
  • When: After completion of third or fourth year
  • Credits: 15 credits
  • Classes: The broader frame of architectural design will be explored through an in-depth investigation of the work of Finnish architects and their architecture through drawing, physical and three-dimensional modeling and design work that explores and reveals each student’s experience of cultural assimilation
  • Estimated Cost: Please see the UT Center for International Education for cost information
  • Accommodations: Students will stay in doubles rooms in the Domus Academia residence hall in Helsinki and in hostels during excursions

The UT Finland Summer Architecture Institute will focus specifically on the role of architecture within the broader context of national cultural identity. In the architecture of Finland, the constants of cultural conditions frame specific material and formal responses to a range of circumstantial interrelationships between the Finnish landscape and its architecture within an idiosyncratic character of indigenous language and culture. These responses, in the form of Finnish architecture, are highly sensitized to those interrelationships and constitute a deeply-rooted form of un-self-conscious artistic expression.


Metropolia University for Interior Architecture

  • Location: Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland
  • Length: Semester (available fall and spring)
  • Who: Interior Architecture students
  • Credits: 6 studio credits
  • Internship: This program meets the Interior Architecture requirement for internship
  • Estimated cost: $4,500 (includes housing, studio fee, study abroad fee) + UT tuition, travel, meals and personal expenses; updated costs at UT Center for International Education
  • Details: Contact our Center for Student Development at 865-974-5265 or UT Center for International Education for more information