Germany Willkommen! Welcome!

The Bauhaus, one of history’s most famous institutions for design and architecture, provides an international learning opportunity where students study, learn and create.

The campus of Bauhaus University is located downtown in one of the most beautiful mid-size towns in Germany. Weimar is known for its art and culture and was the hometown to many famous German writers, philosophers and composers.

  • Location: Bauhaus University Architecture Program: International Advanced Architectural Design Program, Weimar, Germany
  • Length: Semester (April-July; March is optional but highly encouraged)
  • When: Usually third year
  • Language: Taught in German*
  • Classes: The International Advanced Architectural Design Program is a design studio that includes a lecture series, additional seminar courses and workshops, as well as excursions to places of specific relevance to the course
  • Admission: Only a few slots are allotted to the University of Tennessee, selected by a portfolio and academic review
  • Estimated cost: $3,500 (includes housing, studio fee and study abroad fee) + UT tuition (in-state for everyone), travel, meals and personal expense; this experience does not require a program fee; UT Center for International Education
  • Details: Contact our Center for Student Development at 865-974-5265 and UT Center for International Education

*The UT Center for International Education highly encourages students participating in the Bauhaus Exchange to attend the intensive German language course that takes place in March each year, especially if you have not had previous German language background. As with most exchange programs in Germany, support services are minimal in comparison with U.S. standards. Not only can students acquire a level of German proficiency, but the additional time also allows the opportunity to settle in well before regular classes begin.