January 27, 2014 SWA Summer Student Program

SWA is accepting applications for our 2014 Summer Student Program in Los Angeles.  The program will select 7 qualified applicants to engage in a two-part summer program.  The first four weeks will take place in our Los Angeles studio where we envision students engaged in a complex urban project conceived at multiple scales, guided by SWA principals with active participation from local civic, professional, and academic colleagues.  The latter four weeks will consist of a paid internship in one of SWA’s 7 studios.
We encourage full-time students (returning Fall 2014) of landscape architecture, planning, and urban design to apply.  Your department will be receiving a poster from us shortly which we kindly ask be posted on your bulletin board.  Feel free to use this electronic version to post or send to whomever you believe will benefit.
Please visit our website for additional information:
Application Deadline: February 28, 2014

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