March 22, 2016 Teach Architecture to 7th – 10th graders through the Duke TIP

The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is seeking teaching assistants for courses being offered to highly gifted middle and high school students.    The teaching assistant position requires completion of at least two years of college.

Term 1 Staff  Dates

Term 2 Staff Dates

June 7 – July 3

July 7 – July 31

At this time we are specifically recruiting for these courses:

Art and Technology

Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, Term 2

From canvas to marble to steel, artists have used a variety of media for their work since the start of human society. As technology has grown and improved, artists have adapted and explored new ways to produce, disseminate, and evaluate art. Explore the way that computers can be used to animate a film, 3-D printers can be used to sculpt, and robotics can be used to make art interactive. Discuss and debate the role that new technology plays in the current production of art and how it could change art in the future.


Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina, Term 2

Explore the history and process of designing spaces and structures through a comprehensive examination of the rich world of architecture. Study drafting techniques and buildings of great historical significance and learn the language of architecture, including typology, plan, section, elevation, perspective, axonometric, scale, and program. Work collaboratively and independently on creating and building your own projects for various purposes. Explore the macro and micro scales of architecture as you juxtapose the idea that “no building is an island” with the alternative viewpoint that “architecture is in the details.”


Architecture in the Urban Environment

Rice University, Houston, Texas, Term 2

Cities are tight spaces. Designing buildings for an urban setting requires the ability to work creatively within tight constraints. Technology has made a meaningful impact on how cities are developed, and architects are tasked with creating significant and functional space within the urban environment. Whether it’s repurposing existing infrastructure, bringing nature back to the city, or designing a dazzling new skyscraper, architecture shapes each and every block-defining the very nature of the city itself. Using Rice University and the city of Houston as your studio, discover the intricacies of architecture. Explore the history of metropolitan design, and differentiate between American and international models of urban and environmental planning. Consider the environmental, social, cultural, and artistic impacts of your designs and learn to capture the public’s imagination through project-based learning.


All of our teaching positions include salary and room and board in the way of compensation, and are a wonderful opportunity to develop your presentation skills while working with dedicated students and talented professionals from across many disciplines. Teaching experience is not required, as we provide pedagogical training and support throughout your term of employment.

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