February 2, 2017 Technology Upgrades Bring More to Students’ Experience

Technology is essential to success in the study of architecture, interior design and landscape architecture, and the college has been steadily upgrading the technology for students through a multi-phase, multi-year initiative to give students the best possible tools and help prepare them for their futures. In fact, students in our college have never had so much advanced technology at their fingertips.


Virtual Computer Lab

In Fall 2016, the college moved computers out from behind the walls of an outdated computer lab and virtually distributed the technology throughout the building. This gives students freedom to access the technology in their studios, and it provides them more flexibility, convenience and efficiency. A virtual computer lab also encourages collaboration at the desk and in the studio, something many faculty believe is beneficial. The collaboration that now occurs within studios has contributed to incredibly innovative designs that are receiving national recognition.

Students can use mobile workstations that connect their 27” LCD high-resolution monitors provided to every student to a virtual machine that provides them more processing power than is available from their laptops. The college currently has 16 workstations, and during Spring 2017, students will have access to 12 additional units.



This investment in technology also ensures that no student is without at least one computer. Any student with financial need and students whose laptops have crashed can have access to laptops on loan from the college.

Printers and Plotters

Other technological advances for students include new printers in all studios in Spring 2016 and the addition of two color self-serve printers (up from one full-service printer).

Students also have three full-service plotters, three new self-serve plotters installed in Spring 2016 and two more on the way Spring 2017, giving students 24/7 access to plotting.


Fab Lab

Technology available in the Fab Lab is available to all students, regardless of year. It includes 3D printers, a laser cutter, water jet cutter, CNC routers, X-axis mill and robotics.

Students are and will remain the college’s top priority. We want our students to succeed and will fervently support their education by providing the best academia has to offer delivered by outstanding faculty, giving access to the best technology in the world and being pioneers in the delivery of knowledge and skills to prepare them for bright futures.


Technology at a Glance

  • 420 27” LCD high-resolution monitors, one provided for every student
  • $100,000+ investment in technology upgrades
  • 16 mobile workstations that connect students to incredible processing power + 12 more on the way
  • 6 loaner laptops with 6 more on the way
  • 23 65″ wall-mounted LCD screens in studios and other areas
  • 6 all-new printers in studios in the A+A and 1 in the Fab Lab studios
  • 2 color self-serve printers
  • 3 full-service plotters
  • 3 self-serve plotters with 2 more on the way giving students 24/7 plotting access
  • 3 CNC routers
  • 1 water-jet cutter
  • 2 robotic arms
  • 3 3D printers in A+A
  • 19 industrial- and consumer-grade 3D printers in the Fab Lab
  • 2 laser cutters
  • 1 horizontal panel saw
  • 1 helix planer
  • $650,000 value of technology in the Fab Lab