June 17, 2023 Torchbearer: Investing in a Generation of Architects

Whether from East Tennessee or across the country; experiencing hardship or not; artistic, mathematical, creative, or analytical; the first-year undergraduate students of the School of Architecture all have one thing in common: their last-dollar tuition and fees are now covered by the generosity of alumnus Jeff Gerber and his wife, Marla. The influential couple’s $5.2 million gift is the largest in the history of the College of Architecture and Design, and they have invested in a generation of architects with the clarity, purpose, and vision of true leaders. 

Sarah Sanseverino from Parkland, Florida, chose UT after being awarded a small out-of-state scholarship. Still, she knew her education was going to be a substantial expense. “My heart was set on UT,” Sanseverino says. “This gift left me speechless, and I was so inspired to see a UT alumnus feel so passionately about the program. Being able to stay with my dreams and aspirations for the future without tuition on my mind is truly a blessing.” 

Read the full article in spring edition of Torchbearer. This article was originally published on and shared here with permission.