January 3, 2017 Update to “SWL Tools” adds Energy Balance Index


SWL Tools is an Excel workbook for net-zero and plus-energy design, keyed to the book Sun, Wind & Light: architectural design strategies, 3rd edition. Developed by Prof. Mark DeKay, the latest version adds the ability to calculate a new measure of building performance, the Energy Balance Index (EBI), which allows the 2030 Targets to be expanded beyond the year 2030 Carbon-Neutral goal into net-zero energy and plus-energy performance. Net-zero buildings produce energy on site equal to their consumption, on an annual basis. Plus energy buildings are net energy exporters and produce more energy on-site than they consume.

The new version (v6) of SWL Tools, written with the assistance of B.Arch research assistant Peter Giddings, can be downloaded from DropBox here OR, if all goes well, from here: SWL_Tools_v6_MdK. Prof. DeKay’s full publications can be found on