November 18, 2013 Urban Design in the Fall 2013 Nashville Studio

Once again, students are exploring urban planning through the “Nashville Studio” as directed by Associate Professor Thomas K. Davis. Centering their research and design projects through issues in Middle Tennessee, second-year graduate students are focusing on two sites this semester – the former downtown industrial site of the North Gulch, and Tennessee State University and its surrounding agricultural context.

Students will travel to the Nashville Civic Design Center on Monday, December 2 to present final design proposals. A reception from 5:00-7:00 p.m. for alumni and professionals will follow the critique.

The Nashville Metro Planning Organization and TSU administration have worked alongside students, providing insight on the site’s needs as well as providing feedback in Nashville.  On the Tennessee State University site, students are working on bridging the gap between the waterfront and the campus, as well as creating greatly needed new residences and walk-able, mixed-use, amenities to serve the community.

“A major focus within the site has been the implementation of a light rail station on the same transit line as the North Gulch,” said Geneva Hill, a graduate architecture student in the studio. “In addition, students are looking at the possibilities of shipping container residences on part of the site.”

“Successful redevelopment of the South Gulch has been the driving force behind the recent mixed-use, transit-oriented development planning by Boyle Investment Company for the North sector,” adds Hill. “Student teams are focusing on creating commercial and public amenities for downtown and surrounding low-density neighborhoods, as well as creating a highly walk-able pedestrian connection between South Gulch, downtown, and existing neighborhoods.”

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