August 23, 2021 Architecture Student Awarded Travel Fellowship to the Mediterranean

image of Mikayla Williams
Mikayla Williams, a 4th-year Architecture student, was awarded the Jon McKee prize for a travel fellowship. 

In spring 2021, Williams entered a national competition with the Lyceum Fellowship during her spring studio, taught by School of Architecture lecturer, Kevin Stevens.

Williams is the inaugural recipient of the Lyceum Fellowship Jon McKee prize. In awarding the prize, jurors said her travel statement “aligns with the Lyceum Fellowship’s mission statement: Advancing the profession of architecture through design and travel.”

Williams will travel to the Mediterranean in summer 2022 to study the architecture and culture of the region. “[I want to] study the very world in which I live to become a better part of it. I would like to use the grant to see, experience and enjoy multiple cultures that have nested themselves around the Mediterranean.” The exact locations are still in the works, but Williams hopes to visit Turkey, Egypt, Croatia, Greece and Israel. 

Stevens believes competitions open doors. “Undertaking a competition in the studio is a great way for the students to expand their knowledge and think about working in vastly different contexts,” he said. “Mikayla really embraced this and thought deeply not only about the design work that she was doing in the studio but also about the value of travel and the doors that it can open.” 

The Jon McKee prize is named after the founder of the Lyceum Fellowship, Jon McKee.

See Mikayla Williams’s work (Lyceum webpage)