May 22, 2014 Professor Göritz Featured Presenter at Bauhaus Symposium on Teaching Architecture

Hansjörg Göritz, a professor of architecture, has been invited to present at the Bauhaus Open Symposium, June 26-28, at Bauhaus University-Weimar.

He is one of thirteen experts, including Alberto Camp Baeza, Gerard Reinmuth, Bijoy Jain, Nocola di Battista and others, who will be speaking on architectural pedagogy.

From its prospectus:

Over the past five years eight European universities have collaborated on six joint design projects focusing on different regions and cities in Europe. Each project was introduced by one of the contributing universities using the format of a symposium. The hosting university gave intensive insights both into the architectural program and the architectural characteristics of a specific place. Each school was afforded the opportunity of contributing by delineating its attitude and methods. Exhibitions and publications followed.

The Bauhaus-University Weimar would like to show some of its best student projects thereby reflecting on architectural teaching and collaborative projects. In times of waning cultural differences and increasing global similarities we would like to ask to what extent architectural teaching and design are driven by attitude, method and an understanding of place.

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