November 3, 2017 HBG Design Brings INDECOM to UT, Awards Scholarships to Students

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HBG Design partnered with the College of Architecture and Design in the HBG Design International Design Competition (INDECOM).

HBG Design is a nationally recognized hospitality and entertainment architecture and interior design firm located in Memphis, Tenn. This is the first year the firm sponsored INDECOM at UT to recognize excellent and innovative projects completed by students in international locales.

A jury consisted of HBG Design professionals and alumni, Thor Harland (B.Arch ’04) and Rob Jurbergs (B.Arch ’95), as well as three of own faculty members—Jennifer Akerman, Maged Guerguis and James Rose. They reviewed 14 distinct and unique designs, and on October 26, HBG Design presented awards totaling $5000 to three students in the School of Architecture:

Sierra Holder, a fifth-year student, won the Award of Excellence ($3000). Her project, Rome Unite Reveal was completed in spring 2017 while in Rome, Italy. The jury stated her project demonstrated a “distinct clarity of purpose” and “expressed a deep, meaningful sense of place in the EUR district of Rome.” The jury also commented, “The graphics and presentation style were very compelling with a beautiful execution of developed elevations and detailed drawings to showcase the building and site design solution.”

Dillon Dunn, a fifth-year student, won the Award of Merit ($1500) for his project, Krakow Fabrication Forum. He completed his work in spring 2017 while studying in Krakow, Poland. The jury enjoyed the “Urban Workshop project and appreciate[d] the thoughtful consideration of site issues which drove

Rob Jurbergs (L) and Thor Harland (R) with HBG Design present INDECOM awards to Dillon Dunn, Sierra Holder and Dylan Palmer.

the solution.” Dunn’s clear rationale expressed in his project allowed the jurors to feel connected to “the idea of fabrication and learning to the overall solution.”


Dylan Palmer, a fourth-year student, was awarded an Honorable Mention ($500) for his project Cybernetic Hostel. Palmer completed his project while studying abroad in Finland in summer 2017. Jurors noted that his cybernetic hostel is an inspired concept of “individual islands for retreat and vacation,” which display an “inventive and refreshing approach to the issues of our time.” Palmer’s unique solution addressed “the pressures of land availability and the complex issues of a retreat at sea.”

INDECOM was available to all students in studio-based semester abroad experiences in spring and summer 2017.