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Andrew Madl

Adjunct Assistant Professor

School of Landscape Architecture

Andrew Madl is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the School of Landscape Architecture. He holds an MLA post professional degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design and a BLA from the Pennsylvania State University. Andrew positions landscape as a device for retooling the spatial conditions that accompany infrastructural, political, ecological, economical, and social systems at the territorial scale. His approach is grounded in exposing and leveraging implicit systemic intersections that can define spatial discourse. Andrew’s professional experience includes working on projects of various scales with such firms as Stephen Stimson Associates, L+A Landscape Architecture, Landworks Studio, and Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates. His research focuses on computation and simulation as aligned to the speculative design and representation of landscapes of indeterminate futures. Currently, he is working on a book that will provide a resource on computation workflows/processes specific to the field of landscape architecture.

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