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Faye Nixon

Assistant Professor

School of Landscape Architecture

Farre “Faye” Nixon is an assistant professor in the School of Landscape Architecture within the College of Architecture and Design at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Urban Studies and Planning from MIT and dual Master degrees in Architecture and Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman School of Design.

Faye believes that the ambitious, and often daunting, tasks required to address the unprecedented complexities of the Anthropocene present an opportunity to enrich and transform the design practice. As such, Faye is a strong advocate for transdisciplinary and collaborative practice, an ethos she tries to embody through her own work as a planner, architect, landscape designer, and instructor. Her research includes investigating speculative and critical design methodologies, using creative writing techniques such as worldbuilding as a design tool, interrogating the ways emerging technologies and design intersect, and co-designing with humans and their non-human counterparts within the context of uncertain climate futures.

She has previously worked as a landscape designer for the non-profit planning and design firm Kounkuey Design Initiative in Los Angeles and for the Oslo-based office of Snøhetta.

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