March 20, 2017 Students Visit Japan to Share Culture, Establish Exchange Program

Japan trip 1

More than 20 students and faculty in the College of Architecture and Design visited Japan over spring break, March 9-19. The trip was more than sightseeing and educational programming. The UT group visited with representatives at Chubu University to continue efforts to establish an exchange program with the institution.

The college has been in discussions with Chubu University since 2016 to establish the exchange program. Initially, the program will be a workshop exchange—students from each of the universities will visit the other for a short duration each year for an intensive educational experience, and a full semester-long exchange program could result, as well. While the college has previously led students on mini-term experiences in Japan, this was the first relationship with Chubu University.

UT students from a joint School of Interior Design and School of Architecture design studio embarked on the Japan journey. They spent two days at Chubu University, where they shared culture and design through presentations, a formal tea ceremony and a joint charrette led by Professor Kenichi Nakamura and UT professors, David Matthews and Brian Ambroziak. The group also discussed plans for students from Chubu University to visit the College of Architecture and Design this semester.

During the trip, students also were immersed in landscape design, architecture and interior design in the Japanese culture by visiting various sites in Osaka, including Namba Parks; embarking on a night photography session in Koyasan; visiting the Silver Pavilion in Kyoto; and touring architecturally significant sites in Tokyo.

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