Computer Resources + Requirements



Technology Package Specifications

All students are required to purchase specific computer hardware and software through VolTech, the UT campus computer store.


Student Computer Requirements

Our students are required to purchase specified hardware and software. The computers are high-end machines designed for intense, professional use and with care will last throughout your years here.

The computer system will be about $2,500 and ensures you have a robust computer appropriate for preparation as a professional designer. Reliability, support and productivity in relation to professional CAD and graphics applications are key criteria in the specification of the technology package.

Required Technology Package for 2018

If you have concerns about the purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact the financial aid office at OneStop. The experts there are familiar with our computer requirements and can advise you on funding options.


Important Note for Mac Users:

We expect all Mac users to have Windows installed and running properly by the first day of classes.

Windows is to be installed via Bootcamp (not VMware or Parallels) with an absolute minimum Bootcamp partition size of 256GB, with 512GB strongly recommended.

UT’s VolTech installs Windows on Macs sold to our students at no additional charge.  We strongly advise Mac users to have Windows installed by the professionals at VolTech, rather than attempting the installation yourself.

Tech Resources

Now What? Computer Setup

You’ve purchased your new laptop from VolTech, and for Mac owners, VolTech has installed Windows. Now what? You’ll need several required applications configured to access our tech resources, such as servers and printers.

How to Set up Your Laptop


Studio Desk LCDs

All of our students have 27” LCDs installed at their studio desks. This is an incredible resource, one few other design colleges provide. Please use these for their intended purpose: To extend your laptop’s capability.

How to Connect Your Laptop to the LCD

  • Connect using either DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort or HDMI cable.
  • Set the input option on the LCD to match the selected cable.


 Virtual Adobe Workstations

We’ve distributed technology virtually throughout the building. This gives you the freedom to access these technologies in your studios or anywhere in the building.  It provides flexibility, convenience and efficiency, and also encourages collaboration at the desk and in the studio.

We have 7 Virtual Adobe Workstations available for checkout on a first-come, first-served basis through the Digital Print Center in Rm. 309. These workstations are intended for your short-term use where extra processing power would be helpful – such as processing a movie with Adobe Premier.

Each Virtual Adobe Workstation consists of a mini-computer with a keyboard and mouse.  These are meant to be connected to the 27″ LCD high-resolution monitors at your studio desks.


College File Server

All faculty, staff and students have access to the college file server, which contains directories for various courses, projects, groups and individuals.

Server Overview and Access Details


Digital Printing

We offer full- and self-service printing for student projects. Learn about our Digital Print Center, self-service printers, and how to prepare your files to print.

Digital Printing