March 6, 2020 Virtual Computer Lab Boosts Students’ Computing Processing Power

Students now have a new computing capability that boosts their computers’ processing power without the need for additional hardware.

All students in the college now can access virtual computer workstations, cloud-based computing capability that greatly extends their laptops’ processing ability.  Easy to access and use, the virtual workstations process renderings, 3D modeling, CAD applications and more using only a few resources on the laptop, in essence giving every student a second computer.

Following a pilot program in fall 2019 when four studios tested the capabilities, the virtual computer lab now is ready for all students to access. One of the only such virtual labs on the UT campus, the virtual computer lab extends our students’ ability to explore and collaborate.

Learn more about the new virtual computer workstations and how to access them.

Our thanks to Jeff Wilkinson and Don Swanner for creating this ingenious and innovative solution for students. Questions? Contact Wilkinson,, or Swanner,