October 17, 2019 National Rankings Celebrate Programs, Faculty, Student Preparation

Our schools of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture each was recognized in the national DesignIntelligence rankings. Our undergraduate Architecture program was highly ranked; a professor in Interior Architecture was lauded; and Landscape Architecture made an impressive leap as a “most hired from” school.

The School of Architecture has been ranked in Design Futures Council’s 2020 DesignIntelligence report of “Most Admired” schools. In the report, the undergraduate architecture program ranks 15th among public universities and 34th among public and private universities. This marks the fifth time the school has been ranked by DesignIntelligence in recent years.

Additionally, the 2019-2020 DesignIntelligence “Most Hired From” rankings show schools in the college have been ranked nationally. These results reveal our graduates are hired more often than graduates from many peer institutions. In their respective size categories,

  • the School of Architecture, led by Jason Young, is ranked 8th
  • the School of Interior Architecture, led by David Matthews, is ranked 9th, moving up two spaces from 2018-2019 and
  • the School of Landscape Architecture, led by Gale Fulton, is 10th, moving up eight spaces over last year.

The 2019-2020 rankings convey hiring practices over the last five years as reported by more than 9,000 hiring professionals from design firms across the country.

Profile Photo of Rana Abudayyeh

The DesignIntelligence report also names “Most Admired Educators,” based on input from thousands of design professionals, academic department heads and students. Rana Abudayyeh, assistant professor in Interior Architecture and the Robin Klehr Avia Professor of Interior Architecture, was named a “Most Admired Educator” in the Interior Design category. Abudayyeh, who joined the college in 2015 after broad experience in teaching, professional practice and innovative research, leverages theory, technology and interdisciplinary exchanges as integral aspects of her teaching and research.

Faculty from the College of Architecture and Design have been recognized by Design Futures Council as Most Admired since 2012. In addition to Abudayyeh, James Rose, Distinguished Lecturer, School of Architecture, was a 2016 Most Admired Educator; Ryann Aoukar, former Assoc. Professor in Interior Design, was a 2015 recipient; and Scott Poole, FAIA, Dean, was named to the list in both 2012 and 2014.

DesignIntelligence is considered by the design industry as the preeminent source of rankings for design programs.  The report is compiled annually by the Design Futures Council, whose research ranks undergraduate and graduate programs from the perspective of professional practice leaders with direct experience hiring and supervising recent architecture and design graduates.  The rankings are based on hiring professionals’ perceptions of most admired programs, the programs from which they hire the most graduates and how recent graduates are performing in 12 key focus areas. The report ranks programs in architecture, interior architecture and landscape architecture.

Learn more about the UT College of Architecture and Design’s School of Architecture, the School of Interior Architecture and the School of Landscape Architecture.


Our Graphic Design program also was lauded in national rankings. In the 2019 Animation Career Review of public and private programs, Graphic Design ranked #42 in the nation, #8 in the South and #1 in Tennessee.