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Chad Manley

Fellow, Lecturer

School of Landscape Architecture

Chad is a teacher and designer. He is the founder of Chad Manley Practice in Landscape and Building Arts. Based in Vancouver, BC., his practice traverses a weaving of landscape, architecture, film, and ecological recovery. His built and immaterial work float amongst the complex continuums of culture and nature, and reflect ancient and contemporary imperatives within the Cascadian cultural-bioregion. A Fellow within the School of Landscape Architecture, Chad’s teaching in Tennessee reflects a curiosity in the specific ecologies and conflicting stories of the South. His studios and courses encourage contemplation on the understudied and quiet voices of our world, whereby diverse cultural ephemera and ecological phenomena form a basis or ascent towards meaningful conversation. Whether in studio and or private practice, ‘empathic collisions’ are encouraged within the design process, yielding open and non-prescriptive pathways which alternate within the concentrations of rigor-and-play, hunch-and-belief, history-and-future.