Laser Cutting

We have five laser cutters available for our faculty and students to access.

(Due to Covid restrictions 2 laser cutters have been disabled)
Three laser cutters (2 operational fall 2020) are located at the A+A Wood Shop, and the remaining two
(1 operational fall 2020) are at the Fab Lab. All laser cutters are self serve, and scheduling is highly recommended (During Covid restrictions scheduling will be required!).
Starting Fall 2020 to schedule the A+A Wood Shop or Fab Lab laser cutters, use the online system. For assistance and training, please contact Craig GillamJeff Wilkinson or Don Swanner.



Laser cutters are available in 30-minute blocks, and reservations occur using the online system. If you need assistance with scheduling, please contact Jeff Wilkinson.

Limits for use exist, so please follow the policy listed below and ensure use is within shop hours.  Failure to do so will result in lost time.

Use this document to assist with scheduling.
(When operational Laser cutting will transition over to using bookkit)

Drop-in use:  Not possible or allowed during covid restirctions, all access will need to be booked.


Laser Cutter Hours

Hours are subject to change and without notice.  Please check regularly.


Fab Lab

During Semester

  • Please look at this calendar for latest hours and times where access may be limited
    • Fab Lab Access (Link)

During Breaks

  • Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-4 p.m.


A+A Wood Shop

During Semester

  • Please look at this calendar for latest hours and times where access may be limited
    • A+A Wood Shop Hours (link)

During Breaks

  • Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are scheduling use during operational hours.



Acceptable (no materials thicker than 0.25″)

  • Mat board, paper, cardboard, chipboard, basswood, balsa wood, mylar and acrylic (Plexiglas)

Not allowed

  • Any material thicker than 0.25″
  • PVC, vinyl, foam core, polycarbonate (lexan), glass and metals
  • For all other materials, check with staff before use.



Failure to follow this policy may result in loss of access. As equipment is self-serve, please be mindful of other users and assist when necessary. When booking the laser cutters, please ensure you follow the policy.

  • You have completed training and understand how to operate these machines (if not, contact Craig Gillam to request it)
  • Use appropriate power settings. DO NOT use power 100, speed 1.  This setting damages the machine
  • Time slots are for 30-minute periods
  • Only one machine can be booked at a time
  • Maximum of two consecutive time slots. To be considerate to all, please do not schedule two time slots for one machine then switch to another machine.
  • Maximum of two hours total/day (total of all machines, not two hours/cutter)
  • Students must remain present and continuously watch the laser cutter during the cut process (computer and laser will shut off automatically if not monitored)
  • After five minutes, if you are not present, your time slot is lost and reassigned to drop-in use
  • Drop in/unscheduled use is permitted.  Time limitations do not apply to unscheduled use
  • Scheduled use takes priority to drop-in use
  • When your scheduled time is up, even if your cut is not complete, you are to remove materials and allow the next appointment to start
  • Hours for the Fab Lab and A+A woodshop are available online.  All equipment is available within these times (these are subject to change, please check regularly)
  • When using Outlook, ensure you are using the correct timezone
  • Instructions for booking are sent to students and faculty via e-mail and provided online
  • Equipment is for use by current students and faculty for college-related projects.  All other use must be approved by the digital fabrication supervisor, Craig Gillam.
  • Community designers seeking access to a laser cutter should visit our Digital Fabrication Services to learn more.